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It’s the smaller turnaround deals that can impact people the most, says Jane Starkins of Scottish Pacific

Jane Starkins, State General Manager, Scottish Pacific Business Finance

TMA Member Profile 

Jane Starkins, State General Manager, Scottish Pacific Business Finance

What makes TMA Australia great?

The people. The professional community that forms the TMA are people not afraid of hard work to help businesses achieve their goals. There is a strong willingness to help others when they most need it; the work can be relentless but the rewards are high. Turnarounds are the moments that people remember and how people get through them can define one’s character.

Why or how did you get involved in TMA?

I started in the insolvency industry in 2003 as a grad.  Today, I am supporting the industry as a small business funder having joined Scottish Pacific Business Finance 3 months ago. Scottish Pacific provides specialist funding solutions for turnaround needs through its FactorOne product and has a long-standing relationship with TMA. Now back in the industry, I’m again working with colleagues from 16 years ago! It’s been absolutely fantastic being part of a larger community of people who have a genuine interest and compassion to help.

What’s the most significant trend or event happening in the turnaround and restructuring industry?

Unconventionally, I would say it’s not one event; it’s the multitude of events happening for thousands of business trying to get to the next stage of their business. It is easy to get excited and focus on the big deals that make Page 1 of the Fin Review, but it is often the smaller, quiet achieving turnaround deals which can impact people the most. The TMA community supports these businesses achieve their goals, and in turn the livelihood of everyday Australians.

What would someone who only knows you professionally be surprised to learn about you?

Due to my parents limited cooking ability, my childhood was spent believing “lettuce” and “iceberg” were interchangeable words…


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