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The focus of a mindful leader

Event debrief

by Courtney McLean, PwC

The turnaround industry in which we operate can be challenging, demanding and stressful, putting an emphasis on our health and wellbeing.

Recognising this, the TMA Australia’s NextGen committee hosted a breakfast session on mindfulness and being a mindful leader, presented by Murray Paterson, the  Potential Project – Focused Minds, Organizational Excellence and Jade Rowarth, Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Murray and Jade shared personal accounts and importantly some facts and tips for our members, including:

    1. Up to 50% of our work days, we aren’t even working, as we are increasingly distracted and not ‘present’. To help focus on put aside “action distraction”, try turning off desktop notifications, reading emails at specific intervals and managing your day by blocking time in your diary to complete tasks.
    2. In emotion-filled situations, refrain from ‘matching’ the other parties emotions and practice applying your own techniques to promptly control your emotions when you feel them changing.
    3. When in meetings, even the sight of a phone can increase stress levels, so consider whether you need your phone and, if so, keep it out of sight.
    4. A mindful leader is one who is respectful, can balance empathy with perspective, listens and fosters engagement through an intention to teach. Try finding a ‘champion’ who you feel is a mindful leader to help mentor you and craft your leadership style.

Thanks again to our sponsors NAB, Corrs Chambers Westgarth and Cor Cordis for making this event a success.


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