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TMA is a professional community that seeks to save distressed businesses. We help management navigate off-plan events and healthy companies avoid critical pitfalls.

TMA is about more than just turnaround

TMA is the premier professional community dedicated to turnaround management and corporate renewal. We’re about connectivity, inclusion and supporting the communities in which we operate.

Our strength comes from our diverse membership. We have more than 9,000 members across 20 countries and more than 800 members in TMA Australia (TMAA).

Our members are professionals in financial and operational restructuring or providing ancillary advice. Their various backgrounds include major trading banks, investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, finance, law, accounting and management consulting firms and chief restructuring officers.

Together, we share a common goal: stabilise and revitalise the business community.

A local chapter with big reach

TMAA is a non-profit association, part of the global TMA network.

The TMAA Board consists of 14 Directors, we also have State and NextGen Committees in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

We are honoured to be sponsored by leading turnaround firms.

In terms of our members, we offer more than 30 events annually around Australia where we share insights, encourage learning and build connections.

We’re committed to promoting the benefits the turnaround industry, a deeper restructuring market and a stronger turnaround culture offers the Australian business community.

Supporting our market and community

TMAA’s commercial objective is to encourage and educate Board members and proprietors of distressed and underperforming companies to seek the support of TMAA member organisations early, before the business is at risk of insolvency.

We advocate early intervention which helps to preserve jobs, stimulate the economy, and improve community engagement.

In a complex and volatile market, boards, financiers and shareholders are increasingly recognising the value turnaround professionals can bring to challenged businesses and business models.

Turnaround Assistance

Beyond this, we’re committed to broader policy and reform measures affecting the business community aimed at mitigating corporate losses and failures. 

We’re also a proud charity partner for Foodbank Australia and our members have the opportunity to get involved in skilled volunteering projects with Foodbank across the country.

Foodbank Australia

TMA Australia National Office Contact: Allison Robinson, 1300 042 811 or

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